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Elana Jovero Fine Jewelry

Silver "Lexi" Mis-Match Studs with Green and Pink Tourmalines

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Silver "Lexi" Mis-Match Studs with Green and Pink Tourmalines

  • One of a Kind
  • On trend mis-match style, and set in prongs, this setting is called the Lexi setting
  • Beautiful deep green and bright pink tourmaline stones

These mini studs are perfect for adding a pop of color! The bright pink teardrop and deep green trillion stones sparkle as they move through the light. Set in 14k yellow gold, these studs are elegant, on trend, and add a nontraditional touch to any occasion.

The Rainforest Collection, not only inspired by the natural colors found within many of the featured stones, is also inspired by both the natural beauty and power of the rainforest.  The jewelry in this collection is meant to give the wearer a sense of strength and connection to worlds we may have only personally seen in photos of these beautiful lands.