I found a need for luxury jewelry that has timeless elegance, but also represents this shifting idea around relationships and marriage equality. I believe that as relationships continue to evolve, the jewelry that defines those relationships must evolve with it.

I 100% support all our couples, from the conventional to non-conventional, from our LGTBQ+ couples to our polyamorous loves. I am dedicated to creating jewelry that represents your love, no matter what it looks like.


All the jewelry you see here is handmade in my studio, using only recycled metals and conflict free stones. I am working everyday to make my studio more environmentally friendly, while vetting our stone vendors to ensure there’s no bloodshed associated with our diamonds, to not only give you the best quality, but also peace of mind.


I aim to provide a safe and inclusive place to design jewelry that represents your modern love. My designs push contemporary ideals that touch on traditional aesthetics, using only ethical materials and practices.