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Elana Jovero Fine Jewelry

"Celestia" Necklace

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"Celestia" Necklace - 18-20"

  • One of a kind
  • Features a gorgeous green tourmaline crystal with water like inclusions
  • Smoky pink tourmaline set in our re-imagined basket setting
  • 14k yellow gold settings with sterling silver chain
  • Accented with white diamonds
  • 18-20" long

This gorgeous green tourmaline is a completely one of a kind stone.  With it's crystal like shape and perfect polish, it is truly a rare stone.  Made even more beautiful by its inclusions, it takes the appearance of moving water.

To set off this tourmaline, another is set at the bottom--this time a smoky pink faceted teardrop.  Set in our re-imagined basket setting, this stone sparkles in the light.

Both stones are set off by the white diamond accents, found on the settings and the accent bars in the chain.  With a sterling silver adjustable chain, this necklace is elegant, architectural, stately, and modern.