Types of Gold Jewelry (And Why It Matters)

Types of Gold Jewelry (And Why It Matters)

What are the different types of gold jewelry, and why does it matter?  Read on for a quick guide to gold jewelry, and how to make the best choices for your lifestyle.


Gold Plaited? Vermeil? Solid? What does this all mean?  In this graphic we talk about what all these terms mean, and how they relate to what you're getting.  We exclusively use solid metals as it provides the best quality and longevity of our jewelry.  This is what it means to be a future heirloom: our jewelry will last through the decades and with minimal care will look the same it did the day you bought it.

Other types of jewelry need more upkeep, such as continual re-plaiting, polishing, etc. 

Now, what are the different colors of gold, and metals such as platinum and silver? Why don't I want a silver wedding ring or a platinum one?  Check out this graphic below to get some ideas.

Gold is so widely used in jewelry because it's the perfect metal: it's not too soft, not too brittle, and is such a lovely metal.  It lasts over decades, and can be passed down through generations.

Silver is softer and requires more work, while Platinum is harder, and more brittle.  One thing we tell customers about platinum is if you work with your hands, it's not the right metal for you. Gold is soft enough to bend if there is ever an accident, or be cut off you. Platinum is too hard and can cause injury in the same situation.

Lastly, let's talk about Karats of Gold and what does it mean? The most noticable difference is in the color, where lower karats are far more yellow and brassy, and higher karats are more soft yellow and the true color of gold.

This is because "karat" refers to the amount of gold that is mixed with other metals, called alloy metals. 

As the industry standard for wedding and ritual jewelry, we use only 14k and 18k gold; it hits the sweet spot for color, strength, and durability.

These choices are reflected in the prices of all high end jewelry, but why choose the more expensive options? When dealing with an industry that uses natural resources, we need to use sustainable and ethical methods, and these choices along with our vetted suppliers allows us to do our job in the most eco friendly way.  Buying jewelry because it's cheaper isn't always the ethical option, when considering how those materials are sourced.  Did you know that 80% of all gold used today is actually recycled gold?

Check out some of our gold collections and let us know what you think!


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